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Free Web Hosting in Uganda from

Free Web Hosting in Uganda from

You can use our free hosting to host your domain, This offer of lifetime free web-hosting is available for anyone with or without a domain. Unlike other hosts  we do not inject your pages with any ad banner or ad text. The hosting is supported by advertisement that is displayed in the Webmaster control panel, and by the revenue that is generated from the people who choose to upgrade to Deluxe or Pro packages for more webspace/ traffic or hosting multiple domain names in a single account.

What this means is that your visitors will never see a single ad from us, or see that you are using a free hosting provider. Of course you can run your own ads or AdSense on the site. That is all up to you. And I don’t mind you linking back to Host256 if you wan’t to suggest the service to your friends!

So the details of what you get with the Host256 Free Domain Hosting :

• 300 Mega Bytes of storage on our server. Enough to host a website with ~1000 pages of content!
(for storing large files I would strongly suggest upgrading to bigger pakages)

• 1000 Megabytes of monthly bandwidth that would be enough to server ~15 000 visitors every month (dependant on your website and image file usage)

• Hosting of one DOMAIN NAME (.com .net .org etc) that can be registered anywhere at

• If you don’t have a domain name you can use the hosting with a free sub-domain of your choice and add a top level .com domain at any point

• all the regular features you would expect from a paid hosting like PHP, MySQL, Pearl, Script auto installer, POP3 and Webmail etc.

• And did I mention that you are never forced to upgrade to paid account and can have as many accounts as you like!


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